NSU Supermax Manuals

It’s very difficult to track down manuals for the Supermax written in English. Please be aware that some scammers out there try and sell digital copies of the manuals you see here. I’ve watermarked each PDF to prove that they were downloaded here first. 

Right click on any of the links below and select “save target as” to download the PDF.


NSU Supermax Owner’s Manual in English

NSU Supermax English Owners Manual
This is the webmaster’s personal manual that came with his 1958 Supermax.


NSU Supermax Engine Rebuild Manual in English

English nsu supermax engine repair manual


NSU Supermax Service Manual

NSU Supermax Motorcycle Service Manual
This manual appears to be for a MAX but still applies to the Supermax. The only
real difference between the Supermax and Max was the addition of rear suspension. This manual has all the specs you need to tune your Supermax including carburetor information, tappet clearance, valve information, etc.


NSU Lube Tips
NSU Supermax Lubrication
This is an article I scanned from a magazine I found that provides tips for lubricating your NSU Supermax, NSU Max, and NSU Quickly.


NSU Supermax Parts Catalog


Believe it or not, you can still get many brand-new replacement parts for your NSU Supermax. I’ve run this catalog through translation software to provide you with as much English as possible. Automatic, robotic translation never does a good job, but it should help you stumble through. I downloaded the catalog from NSU Schonharr

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