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The NSU Company was founded in 1873 as a manufacturer of knitting machines. In 1886 the company begain manufacturing bicycles and by 1892 bicycle manufacturing had completely replaced the production of knitting machines. The first NSU motorcycle appeared in 1901 followed by the first NSU car in 1905. In 1931 automobile production was sold off to Fiat Motors, only to restart automotible production in 1957.

WWII left NSU's factories completely destroyed, but they resumed production of their pre-war models in 1946 and introduced the MAX in 1953. The Max had some very innovative features including a monocoque frame made from pressed steel which was later inherited by the Supermax. By 1955 NSU had become the largest motorcycle producer in the world. In 1955 the first man to ever exceed 200mph on a motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats rode an NSU.

In 1956 NSU introduced the Supermax with it's 250cc engine, larger gas tank, and dual rear suspension.

1958 NSU Supermax
The Site Owner's 1958 NSU Supermax - waiting for a restoration.

The Supermax was the pinnicle of motorcycle technology when it was introduced and production continued until 1963.

There is an active NSU owner's club in the UK with a few members who have Supermaxs. Please take a minute to check out the site and consider becoming a member. It always helps when one central organization can get in touch with a set of owners of rare vehicles. Please visit the NSU Owner's Club website.